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Introduction of Picasso 

The Greatest Artistic Genius in the 20th Century


He is the most creative and influential contemporary artist in the West and the greatest artistic genius in the 20th century. His art creation influenced styles of almost every sect and he is one of the main iconic figures of modern art. He left behind more than 20,000 pieces of works which include oil paintings, sketches, sculptures, collages and ceramics. Picasso is one of the few artists who enjoyed “both fame and fortune” before death.

Major trend for Picasso paintings is the abundant styling methods. That is, the utilization of space, color and line.

Picasso was always loyal to – freedom. There was no routine to follow in his art creation process, from naturalism to expressionism, from classicalism to romanticism, and then back to realism.

Basically Picasso’s cubism is not pure aesthetic but rather towards rational and abstract. Objects are re-composed and re-assembled to bring fresher and more in-depth feelings to people. 


The most expensive Picasso painting ever in history.

It was sold at an astonishing price of USD160 million dollars in an auction.

This is a great piece of artwork “Les Femmes d’Alger” from Spanish Cubism master Picasso in 1955. Closing bid for this painting from Christie’s Auction on May 11th, 2015 in New York, U.S. was USD160 million dollars (about NTD5.2 billion), a new record for the highest auction price for global artworks.



Picture from Christie’s Auction Site in New York, USA

Signature Work for Cubism

The Dream


“Dream” only utilizes lines to make a profile of a woman’s body which is placed in front of a red backdrop. There is no greater anatomy of the woman’s body. Only a slightly exaggerated division was made and colors are also extremely simple. This painting is a product from Picasso’s combination of a woman’s image depicted via cubism and neo-classical style. It is a masterpiece from the free combination of image extreme freedom, lines and colors. 

Numerous Picasso Paintings



Embrace Picasso Classical Aesthetic

Moving into Picasso Humanistic, Art Aesthetic Residence

Home, is your Picasso Art Gallery !

Among planning for numerous architecture projects in Phnom Penh, Picasso City Garden will be the one with the most premium features and the highest cost investment because we insist on building an ideal

Residence where people can live their whole lives.