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The joint development of the Titan Stone Real Estate development and the Picasso group,Co-building the only Picasso building in Asiastrong joint,sincerely invite you to enter the perfect living space for Picasso’s masters of art.




Common Vision and Persistence

• It has to be the first class location in the center of capital city.

• It must have 6-star hotel property management service.

• It must be equipped with high floor wind design which is capable to withstand force 10 gale.

• It must be equipped with environmental architecture elements.

• It must have 5-star safety protection. 

• Building exterior and interior design must be reviewed and approved by Picasso Group.

These standards are the critical elements to preserve and increase your property values. 


Titan Stone Group

Financial Services

Share equity transaction, listing guidance, financing arrangement, asset management, tax saving counseling, insurance planning, offshore company.

Two major business entities support each other and are integrated into a strong professional service team to build a customized asset allocation and family wealth heritage exclusively for you. 

Offshore Properties

Tand development, offshore property investment, property sales service, property management. To explore offshore property investment business, the Titan Stone Group established Global Titan Stone Real Estate Property Company Limited in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh. Professional managers are dispatched to station there in a long term basis. Local staffs are retained to provide the most accurate information and investment assessment and analysis from local.



Picasso Group

Picasso Group was founded I 1989 and as of now it has 27 years of history. It represents major European and US artists (Paul Cezanne and Maxfield Parrish) and National Museum of American Illustration. It is the earliest one to introduce arts master Picasso into fashion industry as well as the first one to collaborate with Picasso family’s legitimate management institute. It promotes Picasso brand in Asia Pacific area and is devoted to implementation of brand concepts – i.e., life is art and make art daily life.                                                                                         

Managing Architect: Architect Wu, Bo-Chang

Education Background and Experience:

Master, Architecture Graduate School, University of Colorado

1991 Architect Senior Examination Passed

Instructor, Department of Architecture, Hwa Hsia University of Technology,

Member of Architectural Institute of Taiwan

Member of Urban Design Committee of Taipei Architects Association

Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Award Winner (Architectural Planning) in 1995



Architectural Design Examples:

Taiwan: Yu Song Yuan, Jong Tai Yuan Wu Qu Residence Design

China: Du Jiang Yen Jade Belt Town Riverside Design

Cambodia: Fu Hai Time Square, Westport City Hai Na Tien Residence Design