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Picasso City Garden Introduction Video

Picasso City Garden

Spectacular Features, Architecture Exemplar 

A classical mansion with the combination of art taste, smart life and safety construction method – raft foundation solid as Rocky Mountain. 

  • Pile-raft foundation is utilized with foundation pile buried deep into bedrock and raft foundation is combined to carry architecture weight. A comprehensive structure system.
  • Titan Stone Real Estate Property works together with Picasso Group in building the one and only Picasso mansion in Asia.
  • Collaboration from two dominant players. Distinguished guest with extraordinary tastes like you are invited sincerely to reside in this perfect living space of Master Picasso’s arts.

Exterior Design

Naga: Guarding Angel Naga

This totem is frequently seen in Cambodia. No matter if it’s in a temple, a traffic circle, a palace or a street vendor, Naga is a symbol of auspiciousness in local culture. Exterior design for Picasso City Garden uses Naga as the main body and presents it in a way of Picasso’s Cubism. This will be Phnom Penh’s renowned landmark and it helps to preserve and increase property values.



Floor Plan


Unit Floor Plan

3-18F Floor Plan for Wonderful View Units 55㎡~112㎡

High Investment Return, The Best Space Efficiency for Rents





20-25F Floor Plan for Magnificent View Units 120㎡~175㎡

Premium Medium/Large Space Units






26+27F & 28+29F   Floor Plan for Duplex Garden Units  210㎡~310㎡

空中Extremely Limited Offer of Villa in the Air