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Phnom Penh is located in the center of the Pan-Asia Railway


Convergence of talents, logistics and capital will make Cambodia the biggest beneficiary country.

Pan-Asia Railway is a cargo railway network that goes through Europe-Asia continents. It will directly bring economic development for countries and regions along the railway, promote development of local tourism and trade business, increase local employment rates and build up convenient traffic environment with outside world. This will enhance the flows of talents and logistics among Southeast Asia countries and form a truly shared body for benefits.

Cambodia’s 6 Major Economic Advantages

• The Core of ASEAN Trade, Enjoy Preferential Custom Duties from 31 Countries

• Decades of Democratic System Promotion, Stable Political Situation

• No Foreign Exchange Control 

• USD As Main Currency, No Exchange Risks

• Years of More Than 7% of Economic Growth

• Connecting with “Pan-Asia High Speed Railway” – the Golden Corridor, Connecting with China, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand




Golden Location

Phnom Penh Embassy District Master Investment Opportunity in True Core Area of Phnom Penh

Core of the Center   Largest Aggregation of Foreigners   BKK1 Embassy District   Quiet Place in a Busy District

Excellent Living Functions


5 Major Product Advantages for Picasso City Garden

  • Located in Excellent Location, BKK1 Center, Neighboring Embassy, International School, Supermarket, Hospital, Foreign Restaurant and Café.
  • Picasso brand has high brand awareness. With its 5-star international property management, it is the top choice for foreigners when looking for a house to rent.
  • Exterior design for Picasso City Garden uses Naga, a symbol of auspiciousness in local culture, as the main body and is presented in a way of Picasso Cubism. It will be Phnom Penh’s renowned landmark in local community and this will help preserving and increasing property value.
  • Picasso Business Center provides practical and convenient office meeting space for business people. It is available for small and medium enterprises and foreign companies for business registration. The top choice for business people stationed in Phnom Penh.